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Find and Fix Your Swimming Pool Leak

Here at Find It – Orange County Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair, we specialize exclusively in knowing how to find and repair swimming pool leaks. Above all else, our company values open communication and education of our clients throughout our process. We’re so confident we’ll find your leak, that we offer you our Find It Guarantee: We’ll Find the Leak, or It’s Free!

Pool Leak Detection

Orange County Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair – Our Service

A leaking pool can be a very stressful situation- one that wastes large amounts of both water, and the homeowner’s time and money. A small leak in your pool of just ¼” can lose 100 gallons of water/day or more. Over time, small leaks can lead to much larger ones. Finding and repairing pool leaks as soon as they have been noticed is very important to maintaining the integrity of your swimming pool or spa. The Bucket Test is a simple, 24-hour test that will tell you for certain whether your pool is leaking, or just losing water to evaporation - Click Here for our simple step-by-step directions. At Find It, we are able to find difficult swimming pool leaks through our rigorous Leak Detection process. Some leaks that are structural in nature, we are able to repair the same day, and whenever possible we offer our clients multiple options on how they may proceed with the repairs that are needed. At the completion of our Leak Detection service, you will receive a highly detailed Leak Detection Report, outlining the exact condition of your swimming pool. We offer residential and commercial services, as well as Swimming Pool Inspections Pre and Post Closing. Please contact us today so that we can help you find and fix your swimming pool leak in Orange County: 1-800-790-5406

Our Find It – Orange County Swimming Pool Leak Guarantee

We are so confident in our locally-based, highly-trusted Swimming Pool Leak Detection Specialists, that we offer our Find It Guarantee – We’ll find the leak, or it’s free! It’s simple – no strings attached, no asterisks’, no small-print – If we don’t find the leak in your pool or spa, then the service is 100% free. Please contact us today so that we can help you find and fix your swimming pool leak: 1-800-790-5406

Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks – Orange County

Swimming pool leaks are caused by many things that are mostly beyond our control. Swimming pool construction methods and materials have been altered over time and also person-to-person. Many swimming pool leaks happen due to issues arising from these poor initial designs or materials. Any other construction or additions done on or around the pool can also cause leaks to start in the pool or spa if done improperly. Over time, even well-designed and constructed swimming pools can spring leaks due to a multitude of other stresses on their plumbing and structure. One regular cause of swimming pool leaks is the soil surrounding your pool. The clay soil found in California and in Orange County tends to expand and contract due to changing moisture conditions. This is a gradual, natural process which can lead to cracks forming in the structure of your pool. Cracks in the structure are also commonly formed by tree roots, slowly growing out towards the water. Even lightning striking near a pool can cause cracks and leaks in and around the structure.

Orange County – A Brief History

Orange County is famous throughout the world for its amazing climate, its beach towns and culture, and its theme parks and tourism, among other things. Orange County has a lot of people, a lot of ‘suburban sprawl’, and a lot of swimming pools. The population of Orange County has exploded, and with so many swimming pools installed in such little time it has led to many swimming pool leaks caused by improper construction and outdated materials. Orange County is safer for earthquakes in general than Los Angeles, but its large area is still crisscrossed by the Santa Ana and also many other smaller fault lines.

Most earthquakes in California and Orange County are so small that the residents never feel them. However, these small earthquakes will add up and lead to leaks in swimming pools and spas in the area. All this small, gradual seismic activity causes movement in and around pools, which is why during any of these small quakes a pool will begin leaking. Larger earthquakes can also cause things such as fault rupture, landslides, flooding, and mudslides. After any earthquake near you, we recommend you should always do The Bucket Test to check your pool for new leaks overnight. Our company is proud to serve Orange County, and committed to fixing its swimming pool leaks and conserving water for the state of California. If you believe your swimming pool in Orange County has a leak, please contact one of our Orange County swimming pool leak detection specialists today. 1-800-790-5406